Creativity tool: MIND relay race

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Enjoy Mind Relay Race and Reverse Mind Relay Race

Mind Relay Race contains 9 areas that participants in an 'ongoing' roundtable fills out with new ideas. The pack contains 10 Mind Relay Race handouts and 10 Reverse Mind Relay Race handouts.

Mind Relay Race
Share your idea or challenge others and get their input. An idea may be great from the start. Unique and ready to use. Sometimes the idea still needs a little help. Here's Mind Relay Race - a fun, simple and very effective way to explore and refine the idea or challenge.

Reverse Mind Relay Race
Try a few critical eyes. Give everyone a permit to be the devil's advocate. This brings something new, exciting and relevant out. You will find that the idea will gain a new dimension, a new twist and a new legitimacy. Something that will help the idea turning even better and that will make it easier to find the solution to the challenge.

A meeting method
Mind Relay Race: 2 to 9 people

Use Mind Relay Race as a part of a meeting where each participant has to work on a specific task.
Participants choose a challenge or an idea.
They need to find 'something' that they would like to explore with others.
The participants fill in their first field and send their Mind Relay Race handout on a roundtable. The number of fields determines how many laps that is needed before it arrives with the author again.
Give participants five minutes to inspect the completed fields.
Ask participants to 'buzz' about the outcome with their 'neighbor'.
Ask participants to tell each other what they want to use their completed Mind Relay Race handout for.
Follow up on Mind Relay Race at your next meeting by asking participants to share with a new neighbor how they used the ideas.

Another meeting method
Mind Relay Race: 1 person

Start the day or the week by filling in the first field. Visit the Mind Realy Race handout regularly and fill out one one field at a time.
Select a picture and a quote as your inspiration to fill out two of the fields.
Invite a colleague, a client or a friend to fill out another field.
Sit down comfortably when completing the last field.

A third meeting method
Reverse Mind Relay Race: 2 to 9 people

Before your next decision have a round of Reverse Mind Relay Race to see if your idea is waterproof. 
Everyone finds a starting point for the Race for example, 'To provide the best customer service'. The starting point can be:

We are open for business every Sunday!
The purpose is not to kill the idea but to discover the challenges and the problems that the idea may cause.
Conclusion: Ask participants to help each other in pairs or in small groups. Find the things that is important to address, so you are successful with the idea.
Now agree how to implement the idea.


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