Theme Day: Refresh FISH!

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Theme Day: Rediscover and Refresh FISH!

Changes have to go into oblivion when not maintained. Maintenance can be done in several ways. But the safest technology is 'talking'. Just like with the marriage where two people say YES to each other. After that, both parties are tasked with maintaining the relationship. They need to ask about the relationship. Investigate where the relationship can be improved and developed. They need to explore how they both keep alive the relationship, the external relations and everything else that surrounds them. This theme day is offered as an internal training day only.

This is also the case with collaboration within your company.

When collaboration is new and agreed, it requires daily maintenance.

This course is both a refresher while FISH! must be made to get stuck. So it's both FISH! and FISH! STICKS in one and the same workshop. But it's mostly about the fact that many employees have been replaced with new ones that have not been presented to FISH! and that time has passed since the first FISH! presentation. FISH! has obviously run out into the sand.

Therefore this FISH! rediscovered and refreshed.

Some have already attended a presentation. But they did not attend the presentation with their new colleagues. A lot of water has been flowing in the creek since last time. Therefore, this welcome repetition and new superstructure called FISH! STICKS.

FISH! STICKS is focused on

  • Find it (everyone finds their unique approach)
  • Be it (everyone finds out what it looks like), and
  • Coach it (everyone gets coached and thus able to coach all the colleagues in their IT).

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