DIY training: World Famous Pike Place Fish is FISH! STICKS

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Keep the vision alive with FISH! STICKS

FISH! STICKS: 18 minutes. Choose danish subtitles or choose the original english language version. Leaders guide is included.

Stream the film in 3 days or 1 month.
Rent the DVD (DVD plus guide) for 7 days.
Purchase the film (DVD plus guide).

Keep the change alive with FISH! STICKS
Embark on another trip to Seattle and discover how the leader invites employees to take personal responsibility for the success of Pike Place Fish. It all starts with a vision that every employee personalize to find their IT. The film invites to the vision through these three principles:

• Find the vision
• Be the vision
• Coach the vision
Find IT
Shop manager John Yokoyama says: 'When you have taken a stand, the right actions will pop up. Invite your employees into the vision. It is only through invitation it becomes clear what the vision means to the individual.
The company's vision is just words, unless the employee takes his own part. How the individual puts into action the vision in the busy life individually and this helps the four FISH! principles approach to the actions.

Coach IT
It is everyone's responsibility to help each other to maintain the vision. To help each other in difficult and new situations. How do you wish to be helped by a colleague and when?

The price of FISH! STICKS includes our help with an introductory exercise and an exercise after the film, adapted to your purpose. This offer is particularly valuable to you if you do not have the time to familiarize yourself with the material.


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