DIY creative proces: Keep track of ideas with the IDEKU MINI and MAXI tablet

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The IDEKU form: Keep track of all ideas in a great system

The IDEKU MINI Tablet can be ordered in two paper editions size: 37 X 49 cm. It can also be ordered in a square version size 79.7 X 79.5 cm. Select your need at the top of the page. An instruction to the IDEKU process is included with post-its, so you can get started. IDEKU can also be delivered in 2 wall versions.

Get lots of great ideas and select the few
IDEKU can easily be used in all situations where you need to develop an idea, a situation or a problem and find new ideas, thoughts, solutions and actions. The method activates everyone on your team. For each idea meeting you can use one or more IDEKU tablet.

The IDEKU tablet is a plate which consists of a center in which your problem is surrounded by eight different colored fields that indicates directions for the idea generation. The 64 white fields are for ideas.

An  IDEKU example
In the film above you can watch a way to use the IDEKU tablet. We filmed on a Train the Trainer day we would explore the concept INVITATION.


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