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Job satisfaction is a diagnosis


'Good day. Come on in. Sit down. It's crazy about job satisfaction. How is it expressed? In what situations? At what time of day? We have to do something about that. Now I am printing a prescription for some pills. If you take 2 pills 3 times a day and at the same time contact a physiotherapist, then it should be there. '

This is what it sounds like when you go to the doctor and are diagnosed: Sprained job satisfaction. Diagnosis means that someone who is smarter and more experienced than you, has seen through you and gained knowledge. ‘Dia’ means through, and ‘gnosed’ means knowledge.

But do not be nervous about that. Job satisfaction is a diagnosis that some companies use as a 'goal of collaboration'. Explanation follows here:

First, the company's decision
Some companies make a decision and inform internally. At regular intervals, they send out questionnaire surveys to examine the degree of job satisfaction in the company. In the questionnaire, the company has divided the job satisfaction into some sub-items, so that the employees have the opportunity to answer what the company thinks makes them happy. The collected figures can now be processed and presented to the management, who then informs the employees, with a delay of a few weeks.

How are you?
The process outlined is similar to the doctor asking the patient how he is feeling. The patient responds willingly. The doctor notes and votes. 3 weeks later, he returns with a verdict to the now long-healthy or deceased patient. It all took place in a perfectly linear process. The process is just worthless, inefficient and catastrophic.

A goal of the collaboration
Some companies need to have the 'state of the kingdom' measured and registered. Much is being measured. Liquidity. The turnover. Losses on debtors. Sick leave. Job satisfaction (or mental work environment, temperature, well-being or whatever you choose to call it).
Some of these are factual elements (turnover, sick leave and liquidity). Others are internal experiences (job satisfaction, well-being, work environment).

BREAKING NEWS: Job satisfaction is a ruler

Measure everything you want
You can easily measure the height of a house, the amount of money and the number of sick days. But it is differently demanding to measure the height, depth and breadth of joy. Happiness is, as everyone knows, an internal matter. It is individual. And it is encumbered with FREE CHOICE.

When measuring on individuals everyone has to talk about it
Job satisfaction must come under the blouse. It must be internalized, done internally. But now it's just that no paycheck, no fruit scheme, no Christmas lunch, no company car can guarantee job satisfaction. Job satisfaction is individual, ie. one does not know what works for the individual until one speaks to him.

BREAKING NEWS: The company must earn its job satisfaction

The invitation to job satisfaction
One cannot implement job satisfaction. Job satisfaction cannot be enforced. One can not decide that we should now have job satisfaction. But what can you do then? Enjoy these 7 steps:

ONE: What you want, you must get
Call all employees together and tell them what you as management would like. Invite them to talk about it. Do not say out loud in advance what you think your fantastic collaboration should be called. The whole group must find it! Once you have found IT, you have a headline on THE community you want.

TWO: You will get what you wish?
Explain the wish. Fold out the wish. All the way. And fold it again so everyone can see it. Make it easy. Do it specifically. And now comes the most important thing:

THREE: How would you like to talk about it?
Put it on the agenda. Put it emphatically on the agenda. Let it be a burning desire for you. Therefore talk about it, adjust it, nuance it, get sharp on it, explore it, deepen it, become friends with it. Put it on the agendas of upcoming meetings.

FOUR: Now it can be measured
First agree on what you want to measure. And measure it then. Measure it at the meeting. Use a show of hands. Use a dipstick on the floor. Use balls in a tube. Measure it from several angles. And remember to talk about it. What does it take for you to get higher up, further down, closer? Measure it now and here and see the result immediately. Measure it against other goals. In what ways does this goal align with these other goals?

FIVE: Find your part
WHAT you desire, and what the desire consists of, is greater than what one human being can accommodate and fulfill. Therefore, each employee has to find his or her smaller share. The part of the community that is most important to the employee and to which she has the opportunity to contribute.

SIX: Recreate IT every day
You wake up. You brush your teeth. You put on clothes and shoes. You arrive at work. Now IT needs to be recreated. Every single day. How will you do it? Tell your colleagues when you experience that they recreate it. And help each other develop it.

SEVEN: Invite new ones along
Now you have created a new movement towards a glorious future. When new employees show up, you have the task with you to invite them into your future. The task is to give them the opportunity to find their share, of the entire IT.

BREAKING NEWS: 7 steps to what you want at work

Written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.


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