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Six pats in less than 2 minutes

Is it really necessary to praise each other at work?

I have a story that I would very much like to tell you. A cause I am passionate about. A case that occupies me most of my waking time. At the same time, it is an experience that is about you and your employees being able to achieve extraordinary results when you are all involved in creating the collaboration you want.

Unhappy employees
In my work, I hear daily about unhappy managers and employees. Employees are underinformed. They are overloaded with too many and too difficult tasks. The presses. They are overheard. They get no help. They get confused. They get sick. It can hardly be called well-being and cooperation in 2022.

This is not how you can be against the most important people you have at work. It is both ugly, disrespectful and mediocre. It also hardly matches the company's values. The colleagues who remain fear that they may be subjected to the same treatment.

Another way: Happy employees
In my work, fortunately, I also hear daily about happy leaders and happy employees.

Employees are briefed, informed and consulted. They solve the tasks that they are comfortable with. They are serviced. They are listened to. They get help. They are enlightened, sincere and happy.

The 6 shoulder pats
We often try the exercise, where everyone hangs a card on their back and takes a pen in their hand. In 3 minutes, everyone gives each other written praise, recognition and appreciation. If we are to build trust, then we must show trust ourselves and practice acknowledging our colleagues and at the same time let ourselves be recognized by them. First one way. And then the other way. Smile to the world and the world smiles to you.

Recognition is part of the collaboration.

I often complete the exercise with cards on my back with my clients. We have called the exercise ‘Praise on the back’ and so far I have only seen happy faces in those who get praise on the back. And just as happy are those who praise. I can therefore conclude: Everyone wants praise and recognition.

So let's try to start over.

Definition: What is 'collaboration'?
Collaboration is something that occurs over time, when several people help each other favorably and strive to achieve common goals.

It occurs over time
What does 'time' mean to you? What time do you need to collaborate to emerge?

When we help favorably
Who asks for help? Who offers his help? Who dares?

When we make an effort
What does our effort consist of? What value is added to the collaboration with this effort? Which and how many shrugs will we add to the collaboration?

To achieve common goals
What is special about our goals? What does it mean that we all know the goals? What value does it have for our customers?

Involve the employees in the collaboration
What are they thinking? What are they hoping for? Put the topic on the agenda.

The best tool
The other day a customer asked me which tool I liked best to use myself when I had a group that was going to start talking about collaboration. The answer I just had to think about: Dialoogle, I replied. The picture cards that are so flexible and that can be used in so many ways. Next time, I hope he asks me about my Top 10 list of the best gear.

The blog is written by Michael Meinhardt, LEADERS WAREHOUSE.

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