Film is the media that affects most people - the most

Buy a film to own forever. Stream a film when you want to use the film for one showing or limited showings. Order streaming service LEARNING ON> DEMAND, when many people should watch several films at different times,

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision is pastime. Vision with action can change the world.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: The rules we live by may limit our ability to be creative. See here, why it is necessary to think differently, so our companies and employees can thrive and grow.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Without diversity, no innovation. Without innovation, no growth. In other words: Diversity is not only the right thing to do. Diversity is the source that holds the greatest potential.

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Announcing FISH! in a new and fresh outfit! A flexible NEW tool for a high-performing culture. Accessible from any computer or mobile device. A convenient way to teach FISH! when group training isn’t possible or extend learning after a FISH! event. 

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Meeting Time Out: Say this as a facilitator: We now have a short Time Out. Please stand up. Meet two of your colleagues and tell each other what you remember the best from the meeting so far. 

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