Are You With Me?

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Pick up the phone with freshness

Are You With Me? DVD 22 min. In English. DVD also contains English leader guide.

There seems to be one set of rules for our behavior when we're with other people - and a completely different set of rules when talking on the phone with them. In the phone it is so easy to forget the most common rules of telephone service. The truth is that the phone becomes an excuse for not getting a proper 'connection' to the customer.

This film will refresh everyone's conscience and remind us that good telephone service is about humanity.

It can be learned
Pick up the phone with a freshness and appreciate the customers needs.
Put the customer on hold, but remember to get accept for the wait.
Transfer the customer, so the two new both understand the meaning.
Leave a clear and informative message on your voice mail.
Receive complete and ready phone messages.
Be kind to angry and dissatisfied customers.


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