WE CONNECT CARDS refine relationships

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We Connect Cards is a colourful set of 60 plastic palm-sized cards which feature a series of conversation starter questions.

Each card is colour-coded by type of question:

  • Green cards have questions that are light and fun
  • Blue cards have questions that are a bit deeper
  • Purple cards have questions that encourage self-reflection

A link for 10+ activity video tutorials is included in the box.

The back of each card also features a unique, fun action to perform if you choose. There is one pair of the same action for each colour, making the cards a perfect tool for grouping people up kinesthetically.

We Connect Cards are a perfect tool to start off a program, training, or meeting. The questions have all been carefully crafted by over a dozen facilitation experts to be both unique and inclusive. This deck helps create real connections and relationships in a fun, engaging way.

Created by We and Me! 2015

Dimensions 78 x 78 x 37mm, weight 150g.


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