EMOJI Cards for feelings

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EMOJI Cards are ideal for educators, trainers, counsellors and all group leaders who need a creative way to portray & describe emotions.

Imagine that you place a selection of cards on your meeting table and asks your team to have a closer look at these emojis. Now ask them to arrange the cards into an order where the first is full of energi and the last is lost of energy. The most important is how they all explain the ranking.

The cards invite participants to engage in conversations about their emotions & feelings and to reflect on an experience. You can use these cards in a multitude of ways – as a processing tool, an icebreaker, group initiative or for just plain fun.

Each pack features 50 unique emojis which reflect a wide range of emotions an individual can and may experience within a typical experiential program, not to mention, their lives.

On the flip-side, you will find 100 words that describe an array of emotions which, when laid together, form a colourful ’emotional’ matrix you can use to help individuals and your group identify what they are feeling.

EMOJI cards are conveniently packed in a custom tuck-box together with a variety of activity descriptions to get you started, some of which are drawn from our online activity database for these cards.

Created by playmeo, 2021.

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