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3 PICKLES-FILM with Bob Farrell

3 DVD film in one pack: 'Give 'em The Pickles', 'The Leadership Pickles' and 'What's Your Pickle?' DVDs of 20, 18 and 17 minutes. The first two films are with danish subtitles. The third is in english only.

Misfortunes never come alone!
If you think that 'Give 'em The Pickle' have great value all alone, then you must experience the next two PICKLES film 'The Leadership Pickles' and 'What's Your Pickle?'. In a pack these three films are the perfect model for integration of the pickles principle into your business. Your employees and your managers will smile all the way to better customer service while discovering all the best of customer service.

And what makes this FILM-TRIO even more valuable? The total pack is priced just DKK 11.775, - excl. shipping and VAT.

Buy all 3 PICKLES film in one pack and get:

1 'Give 'em The Pickle!' DVD with danish subtitles
10 small and green pickles on a needle
1 37-page Leaders Guide on CD-Rom with Handouts (in English)
1 danish Leaders Guide in pdf format

1 'The Leadership Pickles' DVD with danish subtitles
1 The Leadership Pickles Leaders Guide and tutorial guide on a CD-Rom

1 'What's Your Pickle? DVD (in English)
1 Leader's Guide
10 Reminder cards


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