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Create interest and internalization for the Management Commissions recommendations

On Tuesday, June 12, 2018, the Management Commission delivered a series of bids and recommendations for 46,000 public leaders in Denmark. The work of the Commission is over. Now debate of the many findings will start. Dialogue can become interesting and concerned with this tool, prepared for free and with the good intent, to create interest, dialogue and internalization (make recommendations to a part of the management framework).

Start the dialogue

You invite the leaders with which you have a responsibility with (your management colleagues or the leaders for whom you are leading). Together, you can follow the entire plan or part of the plan. The plan can be varied freely. Follow the plan from 1 to 7, but choose even if you are driving straight down, sloping down or by jumping from column to column.

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Where will the meeting be held?
When will the meeting be held?
How many are you going to invite?
How long will the meeting last?

The proposal here adds a 3 to 4 hour meeting. The background and the basic perspective of the plan is the MOVING YOU MODEL, consisting of 7 modes that the leader (in this case you) can involve in the task of generating and maintaining an engagement (interest and commitment) with the managers. The leaders must have the desire, the faith and the will that the thoughts and ideas of the Management Commission should be a good chance for you.

When you have questions about the plan, please contact us.

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