Workshop: Anticipate Conflicts

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Team Workshop: Anticipate conflicts

This is a workshop where you with the help of various conversations goes around the topic conflict. You will come up with great answers to what's at stake, what help is needed and how you can avoid conflicts in the future.

You will help each other to discover the value of conflicts. It is you and your team who jointly will explore what you have previously learned or experienced about conflicts. Together, you will gain an understanding of the behavior that you want in your everyday life. 

The workshop: Anticipate Conflicts
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About conflicts
How can you use differences constructively?
How is it possible to share responsability for solutions to a conflict?
You will find the answers to these questions. You will also find how to focus and create awareness and what will be important to develop.

More Than One Right Answer
Dewitt Jones will help us all with inspiration to have a look at the same problem from different angles. 

Reverse the causes into opportunities for success
This is a simple exercise where you add words to common causes of conflicts and get ideas to how they can be reversed, so the conflict never occurs.

Conversation BINGO about conflicts
We combine high energy with reflection. Everyone will determine the opportunities to anticipate conflicts.


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