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Personal development 5 minutes at a time

You and your company can choose 100 of these 2,500 films, which becomes your 'library' - to watch on your smartphone, your tablet, your PC and your TV whenever and wherever.

150 renowned speakers delivers more than 2,500 small films.
Each film is action-oriented and have a duration of 3 to 5 minutes.
Each film contains tips for developing that can be used immediately.
The films can be replayed and recommended and watched with a colleague - exactly as you like and need.
We will help you with the selection, so it is the most relevant films that are consistent with your company's values, strategy and development needs.

The list of 'lectures' are specifically targeted at managers and employees of private and public companies.

Here, the range of subject categories:

Coaching and mentoring
Negotiation and sales
Business understanding 
Emotional intelligence
Globalization and culture
Creativity and innovation
Motivation and dedication
Performance Management
Strategy and vision
Health and wellbeing
Adaptability and resilience
Time Management

Here are some expert lecturers
Martin Boroson, Jan Ferri-Reed, Chris Harding, Paul McGee, David Posen, Andrew Shatte, Jeff Thompson, Bowen White, Dilip Abayasekara, Paul Aldo, John Baldoni, Robert Bies, Rick Brandon, Paul Bridle, Rick Brinkman, Christine Coma Ford, Ron Crossland, John Daly, Charles Dwyer, Rick Gilbert, Marshall Goldsmith, Carol Kinsey Goman, Carl Harshman, Paul Hellman, Maya Hu-Chan, Robert Kausen, Guy Kawasaki, Rick Kirschner, Joseph Mancusi, Paul McGee, Audrey Nelson, Terry Paulson Alan Zimmerman, Tony Buzan, Linda Galindo, Marshall Goldsmith, David Allen, Hendrie Weisinger and many, many more.

Economic overview:
Term: 1 year.
Number of films in the agreement: 100.
Unlimited internal use.
Price: 100 USD per film.
Manufacturer: Athena Online, USA

Please contact Michael Meinhardt on telephone +45 71 92 55 63 for more info and presentation.


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