Fun and Serious Appreciation Workshop

DKK 6.975,00  Excl. VAT

A fun and serious value workshop right in the middle of your team meeting

The price for this 60 min. workshop does not include transportation and accommodation.

Everyone in your team will experience

to talk about appreciation (what is it?)
to reflect on appreciation (what does it mean to receive and give?)
to give and receive appreciation (a buffet of various methods).

The workshop contains examples of both oral and written appreciation. It will take place both sitting and standing.

Cheeks get hot. The eyes become moist. The windows are dewy.

We end by deciding whether the group of employees wants less, the same or more appreciation at the department meetings and through a normal workday.

It is important that the manager and we agree on the purpose of this workshop. The manager will receive inspiration for an introductory peptalk which will give employees the desire, faith and willingness to participate fully. After the workshop, the manager and we agree on how to follow up on the workshop.


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