The Feedback Game

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Your team need praise and constructive criticism

The Feedback Game includes 140 cards with human qualities. 70 of these are defined as forces. The remaining 70 are defined as weaknesses. The game can be played alone or in groups. The Feedback Game Guide contains 3 game methods that you can vary depending on your needs and your experience. The Feedback Game can be ordered in a Danish version and in an English version.

Spot weaknesses and strengths
The aim of the game is to discover weaknesses and strengths in situations and relationships.

Map the weaknesses and strengths
The Feedback Game helps to discover what the individual can develop in relation to the current situation. With a little help from a colleague, it is negotiated what help is needed. The Feedback Game will also help individuals to identify the weaknesses and strengths they want to work actively with.

When you order The Feedback Game, you also receive 2 bonus playing methods. You will receive them in a PDF with a link in your order confirmation.

Method 1: The energetic method
Evolving strengths and weaknesses
Start the meeting with short and simple conversations about the strengths and weaknesses compared to a current or a general situation.

Bonus Method 2: A solitaire method
Relationships that strengthens
People need people. People inspire people and people are helping people. Get an overview of the people who are the most important to you.


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