Employee of the year: Trophy in foam plus written exercise

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And the PERSON OF THE YEAR is ...

Use this exercise with employees, with students, with the management group. Everyone will get to know each other better and will recognize each other thoroughly.

First print
Print out 1 Handout for each participant. Order 1 trophy for each participant. Distribute Handouts and ask the A's to interview the B's and preparing themselves to present their candidate. Then distribute Handout to the B's and ask them to interview the A's opposite (the B's will interview another person than they were interviewed by).

The teamleader records
The teamleader keeps a record of delegates, which category he is nominated in and under which header (Super Colleague, Superhero, Teamplayer of the Century).


With this order Handouts are automatically delivered as well as 6 self-assembly foam trophies in different colors. If you need more foam trophies, please book via link HERE.


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