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Here is an offer for you with Start Packages and Discount Packages where the tools fit together and can be used in the same process, the same situation and the same period. A Starter Pack is a great beginning for both the new and the experienced. A Discount Pack brings together a number of effective tools that you would buy individually.

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The best way to get a new idea is to get many good ideas. Present this idea to your team. Now you hit the road. 

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Become a fan of FISH! with three FISH! books in a range. When 12 fishmongers can become extraordinary your team can too.

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The FISH! Starter Kit provides all the tools you need to plan and lead a great kickoff.

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This comprehensive bundle combines the FISH! ingredients to energize your culture long-term.

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Save 40%: Use the dialogue cards on your online meetings or live-meetings. Put a focus on results, praise and positive energy.

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Save 40%: The dialogue cards can be used on both online meetings and live meetings. Put a focus on worklife, motivation og getting to know each other.

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Forget about the wine and the chocolate. Here's the hit for the jubilee, the anniversary, the newly appointed, the newly wedded. The gift is full of tips, how-to and tricks for development. A gift card is even included.

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Renew appraisal interviews with DIALOGGING. Forward the link to this page to your manager and make both her, him, yourself and the entire team happy.

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Active involvement: Involve everyone on your team and exchange the feeling of ME, ME, ME to WE, WE, WE. These 8 valuable tools brings every individual from ME to WE. 

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Motivate your team to the JOY OF MEETINGS. You have the joy of meetings when you become better from the meetings while looking forward to the upcoming meetings. For the same reason you will tell several colleagues about the regular meetings you attend and refer to them in promising and positive terms.

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The Networking Coordinator has a natural need to start a DEBRIEFING, a SIDE-BY-SIDE-SHARING, a REFLECTION, a WHAT-DO-WE-THINK, a REVIEWING. Networking participants are totally excited about the tools.

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Post a valuable activity that will get everyone involved in the meeting and at the same time to look forward to the next meeting.

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Comes with a FREE DVD player for computer: Kick FISH! off in your team and keep it all alive with FISH! STIKCS. That is team working. Great Pack Offer: FISH! film plus FISH! STICKS film.

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Spar 40%: Dialogkort og bog kan bruges både på online-møder og på fysiske-møder. Sæt fokus på forandringer, medarbejderudvikling og ledelse.

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The Creative Whack Pack with 64 shortcuts to new ways of thinking. This is a GIFT to your creative abilities. Play with it and you and your team will become more creative.

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Order 5 bountiful and relevant posters and mount them right where you want a great conversation about the company direction, interaction and ability to swing.

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Involve everyone in your weekly meeting. Nothing is as exhausting as a departmental meeting where a persistent employee shuts down the entire meeting while everyone observes the open conflict.

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Use these 8 conversation tools, when your students need reflection, play and energy the most.

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Make it easy to talk about difficult issues. Start a new tradition. Show your leadership style and introduce the elements you do not want in your team.

Quantity discount on this product - save up to 17 %

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You can talk about attitudes and behaviour the hard way. We suggest: Do it the easy way with The Attitude Pack. Focus on attitudes that affect behaviour and creates joy at work.

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