Free download FISH! thank-you-cards

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FISH! thank-you-cards FREE

Download: A two-sided PDF. Print it and hand it out to your colleagues, so everyone can get started praising each other in writing. On the cards you can write which FISH! practice you are going to ackonwledge the colleague for: You make my day. You are playfull. You are being there. You have chosen your attitude. Further you can make a note about the situation behind or the reason for your thank-you. Finally you can sign with your name.

Now its time to deliver the card. Will you hand it over personally? Will you arrange it on the receivers desk? Will you send it by mail? Will you scan it and forward it as a text message?

Options are many. The most important is, that saying THANK YOU and FEEDBACKING is paramount important. Is it company culture in your company to help and assist each other? Whatever you do today you can always do better tomorrow.

If anybody in your team is wondering what FISH! is please allow them to access a FISH! online eLEARNING course. It only take 60 minutes to fully understand the four FISH! practices and to become good at them. Please read more HERE.


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