FISH! is a make or break for the culture

A well-functioning team is based on the quality of the individuals who have committed themselves. The FISH! philosophy invites everyone to join with passion, energy and creativity - something that already exists inside everyone of of us. When individuals choose to bring the best of themselves on the job, it will lead to infinite excellence.

FISH! tools can be ordered with a train-the-trainer or train-the-leader course of 2 to 8 hours duration. These courses can be delivered online or physically for individuals or for groups. Read more about the 2 FISH! train-the-trainer/leader courses HERE


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Try this FISH! subscription that catches your culture og releases potential. Easy and simpel. Remember to create a good start and then stick to it.

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When disaster strikes and your speaker does not turn up, call us by phone +45 71 92 55 63 and order an acute and emergency presenter.

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Appreciate your team with valuable FISH! jewels. 4 copies in orange, green, purple and yellow. 

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When you have decided to raise the barr for teamworking don't ever miss a FISH! seminar day for your wonderfull team. They have deserved it.

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Announcing FISH! in a new and fresh outfit! A flexible NEW tool for a high-performing culture. Accessible from any computer or mobile device. A convenient way to teach FISH! when group training isn’t possible or extend learning after a FISH! event. 

Quantity discount on this product - save up to 58 %

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Create, keep fresh and recreate FISH! in many ways. Dont leave it to the boss or to one enthusiast. Spread the FISH! culture to a group of ambassadors that will deliver ideas and the spreading.

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A remarkable way to achieve your dreams. Millions of people around the world have already used the bestselling FISH! books and films to improve the way they work.

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FISH! TALES is about putting the FISH! philosophy into PLAY in 12 weeks. How about that?

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Carry your burden with a smile: A simple bag to collect all your FISH! materials and great intentions in.

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FISH! is a journey. Not a destination. Therefore, it is good to have a solid travel bag. You don't know for sure which way the trip goes and what areas you have to go through.

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An important part of keeping something alive is to proclaim it. If it is not official and visible, it does not exist. An employee told us once that when he walked down the hall to his office, it helped him to watch the many posters, banners, signs and images. Then he was reminded of his own attitude, behavior and approach.

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We help you finding your own solution. We do this through various types of conversation exercises. The conversations will lead from challenge to decision making.

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Use this exercise as a starter or an icebreaker. Everyone needs to warm up their voices and their choice of words.

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Become a fan of FISH! with three FISH! books in a range. When 12 fishmongers can become extraordinary your team can too.

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'The Person of the Year' is an appreciative exercise by the book. Everyone will be involved. Everyone will be recognized. Order this exercise here and receive Handout (in your mail box) and foam trophies (in your mailbox).

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Create a strong company culture: Exclusively to every FISH! film owner: The FISH! film is like a deck of cards with an infinite number of 'playing' methods. Here is a free booklet containing 30 billion different workshops.

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A playfull book for serious participants about getting a vision to stick.

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FISH! på jobbet i en svær tid: Leg og humor lindrer stressen, tænder kreativiteten, booster de analytiske evner og øger evnerne til at samarbejde. Hvorfor er det så lige, at vi ikke bare har noget mere leg og humor?

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The FISH! Starter Kit provides all the tools you need to plan and lead a great kickoff.

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This comprehensive bundle combines the FISH! ingredients to energize your culture long-term.

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