Innovation At The Verge

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Create your future

Innovation At The Verge: DVD 18 min. DVD also includes English subtitles and narration. 

Joel Barker has always perceived the future as something we create and not something we are exposed to. This film 'Innovation at the Verge' Joel Barker takes us to our next discovery - the one that creates our future. Through stories and examples, we discover what it means to combine one set of ideas with other ideas when we meet in the cross field.

How you can use the film
For years, educators and leaders have understood to use Joel Barker films because they can be used in so many different ways and in so many different contexts. 'Innovation at the Verge' is no exception. Here are some areas where the film is suitable:

Give your team the opportunity to create something new together. Stimulate creativity to dream big, to pull people out of everyday thinking. Use the film when you will encourage others to understand the importance of creating something new together and build on what they already have.

Teach your team to take chances. Use the film when your topic is the courage and willingness to take risks and when you want to look beyond your comfort zone for spotting new ideas.

Use the film to encourage your leaders to discover the value of putting people together who think and solve problems in different ways. Help managers to understand that the best ideas often emerge from the most unexpected edge.

It's so easy to say 'No, it will never work'. Become better to talk to each other about new ideas. Help your participants to understand how innovation is helping to create new opportunities that did not exist before.

We are facing a indescribable need for new ideas in energy, health, education, transport, welfare and construction to mention only some. Use the film when you need to explore the destinations we normally do not visit.


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