The Fifth Discipline

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Give the vision a common meaning

The Fifth Discipline: DVD duration 5 minutes with Danish subtitles.



The story of the violin maker and his odyssey for personal mastery

The journey takes him to Italy and to the company of violin makers who to this day are inspired by him. He was still active at the age of 92. Wood and varnish were just two elements in his quest to create the right sound. And this became the passion of his life. He renewed himself and developed with his vision, he learned from his mistakes and created the best violins that man has listened to. The violin builder's name: Antonio Stradivari.

What is it that makes a violin so amazing? Perhaps the answer lies not in the violin, but in the soul of the violin maker.

Peter Senge: Whether it is quality, empowerment, customer service, innovation or creativity - the need for a shared vision will only make sense if it includes our personal visions for what is basically of value to us. Our passion. What we emphasize.


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