The Star Thrower Story

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Make a small or a big difference

The Star Thrower Story: DVD 6 minutes with an English narration. Leaders Guide is included on the DVD.

How to make a large or a small difference
The film tells the story of a young man who apparently does something futile. In fact, he helps starfish back to life in the sea. The film will inspire you to find your approach, your identity and your difference.

Use the film
Show the film and then start talking about your approach, your authenticity and the difference you will make.

Choose your approach
At first glance thinks the clever man in the film thinks that the young man is wasting his time throwing stranded starfish back into the sea. When the young man explains what he is up to the wise man responds: 'Can't you see that the beach is endless and utterly stuffed with stranded starfish? You can't possibly make a difference.'

The wise man is a pessimist. He is not open to the young man's ambition to be an active player in life - as opposed to a spectator. The wise man chooses to change his mind.

What would your reaction be if you were the wise man?
When you see something unusual, are you then optimistic or pessimistic?
What can you do to make your vision more optimistic and hopeful?
How will this help you to new ideas in your job?

Be genuine
Being true means to be the same person when you are at home and at work. Being authentic is to be true to your values, appreciate your personality and integrity.

In what ways are the two men in the film genuine?
What examples do you think of where authenticity is able to promote as well as hinder the task?
How can you reach compromises and still maintain your authenticity?
How can you bring your authenticity into your daily life?

Make a difference
'The young man listened friendly. Then he bowed himself, picked up another starfish and threw it into the sea - past the rushing wave. It meant a difference to that starfish.'

To make a difference: It need not be a global or hair-raising movement. It makes a difference when you hold a door or submit a smile. Maybe some of us wants to make a difference for a department, a group, an entire country. A beautiful thought. Making a difference can be both small and large scale.

The young man can not save all the starfish, but he can save several. We can all make a difference. We just need to find it.

In what ways can you and I make a difference to colleagues and other departments?
Have you tried to make a difference, which was misunderstood? What happened?
What is your starfish? How can you make a difference to others?


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