Team Pipeline Exercise

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Team balls make the team talk roll

Each team is equipped with 3 mini-gutters and 1 ball. Now they have the ball rolling in a forward movement reaching the target. If the team makes a mistake they have to start all over again.

But first the teams have to agree:

How they will communicate.
How they will help each other.
How they will handle stress.
How they will handle feedback and feedforward.
What a target is to them.
How they will relate to continuous improvement.
How they will celebrate success and failure.

When the competition is over the teams have to agree:

What did we discover along the way about communication, help, stress, feedback and feedforward, targetting, continuous improvement, celebration of success and failure?

Before, during and after exercise
During the team exercise it will be helpful to hold a number of Timeouts. Participants may need to figure out what the problem really is. If participants really want to become better at communicating, cooperating, leading, helping each other, offering help - then reflection and discovery has to happen in the Timeouts.

After the team exercise participants will benefit by transferring the new discoveries to their daily lives. Only then everyone will see the point of it all. First then the value pops up.

6 mini-gutters
mady of matte plastic, 2 wooden balls and a detailed Leaders Guide.
Package dimensions: 70 x 9 x 9 cm.
Weight: 1,5 kg.

Number of participants: 6 to 30
Practical exercise: 10 to 25 min.
Space requirements: Min. 10 x 8 meters
Themes and objectives: Development of the team, crisp communication, stress handling, feedback and feedforward, targetting, effective communication, continuous improvement, icebreaker.
Delivery time: Please order at least 5 days before use.


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