Team Pathfinder for teamwork and feedback

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Focus on feedback, teamwork and learning

The team has $ 10,000 available when they start to find the path. The team will meet obstacles, mistakes and pay some of their money back. The route is becoming increasingly complex and the team will have a hard time remembering the route.

Team Pathfinder is a play with a serious theme.
Team Pathfinder is a communication exercise on the floor, where everyone is involved.
Team Pathfinder focuses on feedback, teamwork and learning.

Try how a team can become a learning system. Through constant nonverbal feedback and feedforward the team will gain a shared expertise. Use this exercise as an eye-opener in terms of restructuring, new strategy and change. This team exercise clearly illustrates how important communication is in relation to teamwor.

About the Team Pathfinder exercise
The group challenge is to find the hidden path. After 5 minutes of planning the group can try. But there are pitfalls along the way. If a teammember enters wrong, if they break the silence or if they repeat a mistake - the trainer will make a noise.

Variation: The turnaround
Ask the entire group to stand on the carpet. The task is to turn the carpet without someone from the team steps outside the carpet. With a strategy and a little planning, it is possible also to master this discipline.

Before, during and after exercise
During the exercise it might be helpful to hold a number of Timeouts. Participants may need to figure out what the problem really is. If participants want to become better to communicate, to cooperate, to lead, to help each other, to offer each other help - then reflection and discovery will happen in the Timeouts.

After the team exercise, participants can transfer the new discoveries to their daily lives. Only then they will see the point of it all. Only then pops up values.

Team Pathfinder
1 washable carpet
1 whistle, 20 woodden banknotes and a detailed Leaders Guide.
Package dimensions: 38 x 37 x 12 cm.
Weight: 3 kg.

Number of participants: 6 to 18
Time required: 20 to 40 min. (Instruction, planning, the exercise itself (10 min.) Plus follow-up)
Space requirements: 5 X 6 meters
Themes and objectives: Team development, collaboration, feedback, development of a learning organization, communication training, body language, feedback culture and feedforward culture.
Delivery time: Order at least 5 days before use.


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