Team Exercise: The Magic Stick

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How hard can it be?

Ask participants to stand in two rows facing each other. Now all poke both their index fingers forward, so the THE MAGIC STICK can rest on all pointing fingers at once. From now on, no one must loose contact with the stick. The task is to lead the stick to the floor with all the pointing fingers only. It requires COMMON FOCUS.

'The magic stick' comes folded.
It is easy to carry and easy to assemble.
The exercise illustrates that something that looks so easy out can be so difficult.
Participants can explain what is happening and what should be done.
Because participants are to concentrate on staying connected to the stick, they will lift the stick. Participants will only be able to lower the stick to the floor through agreements, concentration, mutual agreements and organizing.

Before, during and after exercises
Before the drill is started up, it may be an idea that participants arrange their approach to what may come. Participants can even reach to choose a position that can help them when things look impossible out.

During the drill it can be helpful to hold a number of timeouts. Participants may need to find out what the problem really is. If participants really want to become better at communicating, to cooperate, to lead, to help each other, to offer each other help - then reflection and discovery happen in the timeouts.

After the drill the participants will need to transfer the new discoveries to their daily lives. Then they will see the point of it all. Only then pops up values.

1 Magic Stick
6 aluminum tubes of 65 cm. Detailed Leaders Guide is included.
Supplied in a soft bag.
Package dimensions: 69 x 4 x 4 cm.
Weight: 320 g including the bag.

Number of participants: 6 to 22
Time spent on practical exercise: 5 to 15 min.
Space requirements: 8 x 5 meters
Themes and objectives: Team Development. Communication. Integration. Management by Objectives. Dynamism. Self-propelled team. Catch energy at course start or a break. The focusing and concentration.
Delivery time: Order at least 5 days before use.


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