Starter PACK: The Attitude Pack

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Talk about attitudes the easy way

Do desired behaviour obvious.
Avoid unnecessary conflicts.
Motivate for new behaviour.

The Attitude Pack includes:
The Dialoogle Pocket Picture Game
The Attitude Banner in fabric
The Infinite Questions and Acknowledgements

One simple method
Each participant picks a picture that illustrates the desired situation, for example, the best colleague, best teamwork, best customer service. Choose how to talk about the chosen pictures eg in pairs or in trios. 

Now ask everyone to select 2 attitudes that will promote good colleague behavior. Choose how to talk about the chosen attitudes. 

Finally use The Infinite Questions and Acknowledgements: Round up appreciating each other's involvement in the conversations and the ideas that have been ventiated. Choose how to talk about the recognition.

The Attitude Banner with 50 positions
Use these attitudes as an indicator for situations and relationships. 

Dialoogle and Infinite Questions and Acknowledgements
The images in Dialoogle will help everyone to nuance the attitudes. They images makes it easier to personalize an attitude and in the right proportion.

The Infinites will make sure to keep the conversations on a constructive track. All questions and acknowledgements are half. Participants must complete the sentences, so they are appropriate according to the situation and the relationship.

Our experience
We have great experiences using the tools in our workshops. We find that it's fun to choose a picture and to bring it into the conversation. The bigger meaning becomes clear when attitudes are brought into play. A natural curiosity occurs and a subsequent understanding.
We find that it gets a lot easier to participants to choose the right attitudes and they are eager to try them out. Remember to finalize with a round of recognition. This promotes confidence in the group and creates joy. The road to the new behavior has thus become much shorter.


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